How to Collect Emails: 15 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List

If you want to build an email list, how are you going to collect email addresses?

When you’re building an email list, you need to make sure three things are true:

  1. You have a way to reach people
  2. You have a way to collect their emails
  3. They’re the right people

Building a list is one thing—if you want your list to power an actual business, you can’t rely on worn out tactics .

Here are 15 ways to collect email addresses:

  1. Collect email addresses with Facebook Ads
  2. Offer a captivating lead magnet
  3. Sign up button on your Facebook business page
  4. Use popups to make your forms more prominent
  5. Reach out to people one on one
  6. Share your link on social media with compelling visuals and snippets
  7. Ask for email addresses
  8. Create incredible email content
  9. Ask people to share your emails
  10. Add a link to your signup form in your normal email signature
  11. Host live events and bring your forms
  12. Own content on a platform like YouTube or Pinterest, then link back to your site
  13. Optimize your form design and opt-in copy
  14. Add a subscription bar to your website
  15. Partner with other people in your industry

Email Rendering Issues In Outlook And Hacks To Save The Day

With a plethora of email clients available for end user and each one rendering emails in different ways, coding and designing an email has been a turmoil for email marketers. After Gmail and Apple mail, Microsoft Outlook is the next big player in the email industry.

Outlook has been a great influence for both B2C and B2B email messaging with its journey from being the first free email service to building variations of desktop mail programs. There are different versions of Outlook available for desktop, webmail and mobile environments and it is bundled under the moniker of ‘Windows Mail 10’ with Windows 10. Statistically, Windows 10 is now installed in 29.8% of global systems which means email developers need to address the issues faced in ‘Windows 10 Mail’ along with other Outlook versions.

A broken email means a disappointed subscriber and the impact of this will blemish your brand identity in the longer run. Hence, most marketers avoid sending emails via Outlook. Email Uplers’ team of experienced developers test every developed email on Outlook against the pitfalls described below.

Major Pitfalls For Emails In Outlook And Windows Mail 10

Here are the key issues for building emails for Outlook & Windows Mail 10 and the workaround for them.


There different types of backgrounds you can use in your emails.

  • Full body background
  • Pattern Background
  • Graphic Background
  • Section-wide background

Unfortunately Outlook 2007-2013 do not support any of the above backgrounds, but the ideal solution for rendering is by using VML (Vector Markup Language).

What do you mean by return of investment (ROI) ?

Return on investment

Return of investment is the amount of capital invested by a company and what is the profit i.e return they get of that investment. 

  • High ROI

  • indicates the return of investment is good and the investment is turned in the favor of the investor.

  • Low ROI

  • indicates the return of investment is not good and the investment is against the expectations of the investor.

    ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiencies of several different investments.

    The investment with the largest ROI is usually in the top prioritization,the spread of ROI over the time period of an investment should also be taken into account.

    Risk with ROI usage

    To use ROI as an indicator for prioritizing investment projects is very risky since usually the ROI figure is not accompanied by an explanation of its make-up.

    As there are no proper reasons or explanations with the measuring results of roi it is quite risky.

    One of greatest risks that comes with the traditional ROI calculation is that it does not fully “capture the short-term or long-term importance, value, or risks associated with natural and social capital” because it does not account for the environmental, social and governance performance of an organization.

    Be cool, don’t SPAM

    The meaning of email spam is “Spontaneous business email”. As an email client, you will experience less and less email spam in light of the fact that most, if not all, network access suppliers (ISPs) and email specialist co-ops (ESPs) are very much aware that these email spam messages turned out to be such a risk to every one of the clients just as their very own servers. So – don’t spam in your messages!

    Let’s talk about email SPAM a little bit more

    Clearly spam email messages are spontaneous. This is on the grounds that you have never enabled the sender to send any message to your inbox. You are curious about the senders and above all else you would prefer not to be comfortable with them. They are obscure to you, yet most likely, they continue sending their email to you consistently without approaching you for consent. Spammers realize that if their email messages are presented to, suppose, one million individuals in only a single tick. They would have progressively opportunity to sell their item through this channel. However, you may ponder, by what method can this be hurtful to my email account? No, if the messages are just expected to influence to buy their item. In any case, we as a whole realize that these messages are here and there incorporate little projects that might be naturally downloaded to your PC, these little projects are otherwise called infections and additionally worms.
    When your PC is tainted, these little projects will interrupt your email records and convey email messages to every one of your contacts. Therefore, you turned into a spammer yourself. This is the reason spam messages in specific nations are illicit and conveying spam is considered as a wrongdoing. Likewise, both ISPs and ESPs do realize that spammers interfere email accounts. This is the reason they are furnished with spam channels.

    What are Spam filters?

    Spam channels are programs that set to separate out all spontaneous email messages that are being sent from obscure clients. Spam channels these days are exceptionally touchy in light of the fact that spammers are continually figuring out how to get over these channels (which is the reason they are making this as delicate as could be expected under the circumstances).

    Can we get around or over the spam filters?

    This answer is no, we can not get around or over the spam channels. Thoroughly, the main way is we need to traverse them. So as an email advertiser, you would need to carefully pursue the criteria with the goal that you email messages are not wound up in a garbage email organizer.

    Design your email messages

    Before you begin to plan your email messages, we might want you to sign on your email record and browse out your garbage email organizer. Perceive how these spammers structured their email messages and remember these plans.

    We don’t need you to pursue the spammer structures since what they do with their messages make these messages end up in your garbage email organizer.

    When you set up your Email Campaign, check for these normal SPAM botches:

  • Keep your content clean – don’t spam. This would likewise demonstrate your polished methodology. You needn’t bother with a great deal of shading in your content. Keep them in a similar organization and style. Spam channels are effectively activated when your textual style is frantically hued.

  • The utilization of shout imprints and capitalized letters. Pointless utilization of outcry marks! what’s more, UPPERCASE LETTERS would SET OFF the SPAM FILTERS!.

  • The following are a few instances of the words that ought not be utilized when you are making your email battle. You can figure which different words ought not be utilized by inspecting the spam email from your garbage email organizer: Mortgage, Viagra, Loan, Free, Click here, Limited time, Final decrease, Saving.

  • Your HTML coding expertise is significant. Your HTML coding must be spotless as spam channels are checking how perfect your HTML coding is. The code might be covered up to the client yet spam channels can see your HTML code and your email message will get conveyed straightforwardly to your garbage email organizer if your coding is poor, Mailigen framework does all the HTML cleaning work for you, yet at the same time ensure on the off chance that you are bringing in your Email Templates they are all around coded.

  • Sham content (Lorem Ipsum) are broadly utilized by website specialists to and email advertiser to fill all these spurious content into their page or a test battle to concentrate on the visual, as opposed to the substance, of a site or an email. On the off chance that you are sending an email crusade utilizing “lorem ipsum” your email will consequently divert to the garbage email organizer.

  • Utilizing “test” in the headline will get your email tossed into garbage email envelope.

  • We realize that delightful designs and pictures are critical to the email battle. Be that as it may, if your email crusade is just topped off with designs and pictures (no content), spam channels will recognize this.