Return Merchandise System
For Warranty Claims

Manage all your return in one place. Track Return Status of Claims, Update Status of Claims , Accept Claims , Reject Claims. Keep track of all the claims. Receive claim Serial number , Model number & Invoice to easily check if the claim is under warranty & also receive user pickup address to arrange a pick .

Return Merchandise System allows you to add multiple brands . so you don’t need to create multiple system your your brands.

Its time to automate your returns with REVERSO (Return Merchandise System)

Special Features

Statistical Report

You can track active, closed and rejected claims of your customer. You can see latest claims and recently created users.

Multiple Claims

This system allows to handle Multiple Claims created by users and gives option to accept or reject the claim.

Multiple Customers

This system allows you to handle Multiple Customers and their claims easily without managing via rmaid.

Multiple Brands

The company can have Multiple Brand handles in a single system and each brand with their own rma.

White label

Get you own company branding on the dashboard and create authenticity for your clients.

One-Click Status

Change status of the claims by just a click also you can accept and reject the claims.

Why Choose Return Merchandise System