5 Gmail tips to start your inbox fresh

1. Steer clear of spam. Gmail automatically keeps your inbox clean from spam and unwanted emails thanks to AI smarts …
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Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune securely manages identities, manages apps, and manages devices

As organizations move to support hybrid and remote workforces, they’re challenged with managing the different devices that access organization resources …
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Technology Consulting: What It Is & How to Succeed in It

“Technology is a pillar in today’s economy. There are few things we do without the assistance of software or smart …
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ux design

UX Design Principles: The Cornerstone of Every Successful Mobile App

If someone time travels from the past to 2020, he would be awestruck with 180-degree evolution in the mobile UX …
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website design

Why You Need Interactive Website Design

Interactive design vs. User experience design Interactive design focuses on the moments of your user’s direct and active engagement – …
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IT companies

Are Cloud Computing Solutions Worth Implementing?

The majority of IT companies already favor cloud apps more than on-premises ones, while non-IT organizations start to share that …
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Assets manager

Asset Management Software: Types of Assets Covered, Advantages, and Popular Products

Asset management: the essence Asset management is a process of tracking, organizing, and maintaining a company’s assets. It covers numerous …
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no code

Low-Code/No-Code App Development: What’s the Difference?

The terms low-code and no-code are often confused with each other. While both low-code and no-code have some similarities, they’re …
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Website a Lead Magnet

7 Tried and Tested Strategies to Make Your Website a Lead Magnet

7 Tried and Tested Strategies to Make Your Website a Lead Magnet, Building a customer base is one of the …
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