Double opt-in contacts and single opt-in contacts

There are two available method in email marketing for sign-up

  • Single opt-in

  • Double opt-in

  • Both these methods are easy and secure to collect contact information and engage with the audience.

    1. Now let’s talk about Single opt-in :

    The single opt-in method is very simple.
    When a contact fills up sign-up forms and then clicks the submit button,they are saved as their audience.

    The form saves important necessary information like the ip address and the time they signed up at.

    Single opt-in can be defined as a streamline process and is useful if a person does the sign-up from the mobile device.

    2. Now comes the Double opt-in

    A few more steps is added to the single opt-in method.
    It is quite similar to single opt-in method but in this the contact receives an confirmation email after the sign-up process.

  • A sign-up form is filled up by contact.

  • Then the contact receives an confirmation email and clicks the link to confirm.

  • Now they are added to your contact as a subscribed contact with some important information like their ip address and the time they subscribed.

  • An advantage of double opt-in is we are aware that the email address is valid.This is recommended to businesses who are not focussed on audience growth OR who have low open rates.

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