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SMS Marketing now you can save characters of your SMS credits by using Short URLs instead of using the long ones which might take up more SMS credits. Optimally assist you in sequencing the next campaign Get detailed report on the analytics based on demographics to help you strategize the next campaign accordingly. Track and analyze the success rate of the campaign Track the SMS and get analytics of delivery and open rate to understand the success rate of the URL campaign.

Complete tracking of your campaign’s success is pivotal to effective SMS business communication.

What’s on offer

Complete tracking of your campaign’s success is pivotal to effective SMS business communication.

Tracking of link clicks via short URL

Know who is engaging with your SMS

Reports that help drive decisions

Track your SMS at every possible level

Get analytics report of each tracked URL

Delivery Rate

Know the number of SMS delivered to your target audience by tracking

Open Rate

Know the ratio of delivered SMS which the user accessed by tracking

Browser Used

Get analytics about the browsers your audience uses to access the URL


Know region-wise analytics of the URL by tracking SMS.

Operating System Used

Know the different OS used to access the URL


Get the location-wise demographics of your URL campaign

Device Category

Get analytics about the types of devices used to access the URL

Date and Time

Get the date and time logs of URL access by tracking SMS

This is how your industry is using short URL SMS


Update your clients about their orders, product launches, discounts, promotions and more

Financial Institutions

Notify customers about their account balance and other related information

Real Estate

Update clients about property fairs, listings, registration details, project development and more


Remind patients about appointments, check-ups, mediclaim, vaccination and more


Provide timely information to drivers, delivery people, customers to be more accessible


Keep customers informed about scheduled service, upcoming launches or payment reminders

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