Delight shoppers every time, everywhere

Adapt to customers’ changing purchasing needs by connecting your physical and digital shopping channels with a Dynamics 365 commerce solution.

Deliver commerce anywhere Expand on choices you offer customers by engaging them on the channel—and time—they prefer using a natively headless solution.


Get an end-to-end view of your customers

Make shopping

Deliver personalized, intuitive
digital commerce experiences.

Differentiate & automate
with AI

Infuse intelligence across retail
and sales data.

Streamline commerce

Reduce costs by optimizing
business practices.

Deliver commerce anywhere

Personalize digital customer engagement Target and deliver
engaging, intuitive digital commerce buying experiences for
B2C and B2B customers with AI-driven personalization.

Streamline commerce and back-office operations with
intelligent applications that help maximize inventory
investment and optimize business practices.


Explore sales and marketing products

Increase revenue and engagement with products designed to work together.


Dynamics 365 Commerce

Create a more unified, personalized, and seamless buying experience for your customers and partners.


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Optimize inventory levels and reduce your time to fulfill.


Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Protect against payment, fraud, bots, account takeover, and returns and discount fraud with adaptive AI that continuously learns.


Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Adapt and scale your fulfillment to meet your commerce needs more efficiently.