8 points to reduce your Email Bounce rate

8 points to reduce bounce rates
8 points to reduce bounce rates

8 important points to remember to reduce your bounce rate and experience the change

Its not a pleasant site to see your Email Bounce

You sent your emails with so much hopes that it will reach the destination but quickly find out that it has not gone too far as you expected.

There are various reasons as to why your emails are bouncing and making your bounce rate increase.

Bounces can be categorized as hard and soft bounces.

So lets see further what this 8 points are

1. A good sign-up form is a great start

Inorder to make people enquire about the product or any information they want to know you got to have a good sign-up form.

This way they get to know the information they are looking for and we can contact them in future for any offers or discounts.Also make sure you have a good captcha system to prevent any fake user sign-up from computers or bots.

2. Use double opt-in contacts only

If you want to decrease your bounce rate you must use double opt-in contacts always.

You can learn more about the double opt-in contacts and single opt-in contacts here.

3. Before clicking on the send button you should clean the contact list first

A main reason for bouncing is if the contact list is old i.e your campaign list is old(more than 6 months or so).

Then its likely that your email will bounce as many of the addresses may have gone stale or have been closed or otherwise inactive.

An easy fix to this is to correct silly mistakes in addresses such as noreply@something.com OR info@something.com for example.

4. Using your first campaign as a way to clean your list is a straight NO

List cleaning is not your ESP and if you are doing that you are doing a disservice.

Consider using an actual list-verifying service.By sending your emails to a poor list you are risking your account as it could get suspended and that is a major disadvantage and it will damage your sender reputation.

Damaging your sender reputation may cause your next campaign to experience more blocks as the recipient server your emails.

Spend some time in verifying your list before clicking the send button.

5. Asking your recipient for updated information

Request for updated information OR verifying if the information is right can be easily included in the emails before sending,particularly if a transactional email is to be send.

This way you can reduce your chances of bounce by changing the address before it gets invalid.

6. Sender domain must be verified

A domain that has given elastic email permission to send email from it is a verified sender domain.

This means that elastic email servers are sending this emails but emails are using your domain as “From address”.

7. Don’t make your email look like a spam

This is most basic and obvious tip but if you are not paying attention to this it can cause you major problem.

The challenging part is that every spammer keeps on changing their tactics every now and then.

This means that you can’t just set and forget it.You should be up to-date with your email templates which will reduce your bounce rate to a great extent.

You can use mail tester for testing your emails.

8. Make a schedule of sending your email

The more your emails are scheduled the more likely are the subscribers to forget that they have agreed to recieve email from a business or a group.

You don’t need to send emails every day but depending on how your email is engaging with your recipients and the specific wishes of your unique contact.

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